How Smart Refrigeration System Controls Save You Money

Look, Crosstown is not just another mechanical refrigeration contractor operated by a conglomerate or Board of Directors. We, the owners, Pat and Dave, came from the service and install field. We're technicians, not salesman, and we see a lot of new products for refrigeration systems that claim to save energy. We can debunk most of these claims, but there is one product that actually will save you energy and money. Here's how.


We're going to get a little technical here. With freezers, and most refrigerators, you have a defrost cycle. This defrost cycle uses electric heaters on the back of the evaporator coil and inside the drain pan to melt the ice and/or frost from the coil. This is traditionally done with a timeclock and this clock is set to defrost your coils on the most humid of days. You know as well as we do that here in Minnesota it's only humid three to five weeks a year. Most businesses dont want problems with a coil frosting up and causing product loss so their timeclocks are set to defrost for the worst conditions.


The control on this product, however, is smart. It senses coil temperature, chamber temperature, superheat and also looks at runtime. It is a refrigeration system controller and can be used with an electronic expansion valve to fine tune not only the defrost but also the temperature precisely down to a tenth of a degree. We have tested this control and are very excited to announce that we took multiple Dairy Queen freezers running defrosts four times a day down to four times a week! Just imagine how much money you can save if your defrost was pulling 40 amps for 45 minutes four times a day and now it's 40 amps for 18 to 35 minutes four times a week through a pulse-enabled, managed controller! This control also is web-enabled allowing you to recieve email alerts on system problems well before you lose valuable product! You can even connect multiple units together for redundancy.


The sky is the limit with this new control technology. Not only that, but these units are also affordable! Call us today for more details so you can start saving money tomorrow. We guarantee it!