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Engineered Direct Fire Burn Package for Distillery

Posted on June 20, 2013

When Bartley Blume decided to "shed the shackles of corporate bondage" and take home brewing to the next level, he called us. It's a story of a home brewer going big, but not with beer. He decided to distill alcohol and open the first brewstillery in the Twin Cities called Bent Brewstillery  We are engineering a direct fire burner package to be installed under this 500 gallon still in which he will use in his process. The challenge is to "make something rather than buy something" as Bartley puts it. Bartley believes that direct fire carmelizes the sugars in a different manner than steam-jacketed stills do and therefore will produce better flavors. Stay tuned for more on this project as it progresses! Contact us with your plans to bring home brewing to the microbrewery level. We have assisted many microbreweries in the Twin Cities with everything from process piping, brewhouse installations, and chiller systems for the fermentation process to walk-in refrigerators for the final product!

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Engineered Process Dehumidification System

Posted on June 20, 2013

This customer contacted us with a problem. Their process involving beef jerky and beef sticks had a flaw that was found due to excess humidity in their product. We engineered a dehumidification system to remove humidity from the product and resolve their quality issues. We used a 20 horsepower commercial refrigeration system and outfitted it with hot gas capacity controls to keep the system online throughout the process. A dehumidification coil was installed to remove humidity from the airstream in a specialized chamber called a fermentation room. The system now keeps humidity within 3% of setpoint. This resolved all quality issues so that the customer has a product that not only tastes great but has a texture second-to-none!

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