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Maintenance Maintenance

Refrigeration and HVAC Maintenance

Are you at odds with your refrigeration and HVAC service systems? Is your budget tightening and it seems like you’re calling in your “Guy” for repairs much too often? Have a free conversation with Crosstown Mechanical or schedule us to stop in for a free consultation!

We can help you save money in the long run by performing regular maintenance on your equipment while it’s still running in top shape. 

Staff installing a rooftop HVAC unit Staff installing a rooftop HVAC unit

Custom Solutions

We custom tailor maintenance solutions to your site and your equipment for the best value approach.

No one wants to spend more than they have to for maintenance, (and we don’t want you to either) but having a routine maintenance professional on your side is key to your success.

Maintenance is key to the lowest cost of ownership and lowest repair costs!

Broken fan blade Broken fan blade

Prevent Premature Replacement

Our trained technicians can identify problems before they create a costly headache for you and your business. Let’s say you notice some ice on a compressor or piping. Or let’s say you see water condensing on the outside of a refrigerator cabinet or a drip here or there. These are potential problems that can lead to costly repairs or even eventual premature replacement of equipment or components.

Our Crosstown Mechanical experts have a trained eye, ear and the most technological advanced diagnostic equipment to evaluate how your system is performing and make necessary adjustments.

tech in action tech in action

Custom Maintenance Program

ust like oiling that annoying squeaky hinge, changing the oil in your car’s engine or replacing the tires… With a custom maintenance program from Crosstown Mechanical, you can enjoy all of this and more:  

• Extended equipment life

• Less product loss

• Fewer breakdowns

• Lower operating costs

• Less emergency or after-hours repairs

• Reduced owner, manager or employee stress

• Budgeted replacements (no more emergency replacements!)

Maintenance on Your Schedule

Also, Crosstown Mechanical has a robust software suite that will schedule maintenance visits regularly so you don’t have to remember to call. The work orders generate in our system and in our calendar automatically so we can keep your calendar free!

Save Money with Preventative Maintenance

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