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Emergency Repair

Did you know our technicians are factory trained by the manufacturers we work for and Crosstown Mechanical is a factory authorized service provider?

We will come to you or work with our partners to pick up and deliver your equipment to our site and repair your equipment in our state-of-the-art test bay.

Dirty Condenser Dirty Condenser

Scheduled Maintenance

Planned maintenance is necessary for efficiency and reliability. From Cascade ULT freezers to environmental chambers, and blood banks we have your back and will partner with you to make sure downtime and reliability are number one!

Scheduled maintenance and planned maintenance programs by Crosstown Mechanical Inc. reduce unnecessary and unwanted breakdowns. Period.

ult freezers ult freezers

New Equipment and Upgrades

Be rest assured that we can help you source your laboratory or R & D refrigeration equipment. We only sell and install the best equipment from the best manufacturers. We service them all but only recommend equipment that provides high value to our clients.

Contact us to talk about quality equipment that won’t leave you melting down when your refrigeration equipment is heating up!

Ultra-Low Temp Cascade Freezers & Chillers

Factory-authorized services on all major manufacturers of ultra-low freezers. NIST-certified calibrations, temperature and humidity validations and temperature mapping. Our expert technicians have been trained extensively in the field of cascade and mechanical refrigeration, environmental temperature control, electricity and electronics.

Controlled Environmental Rooms

Our environmental rooms are used by customers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, paper & packaging, electronics, food products, nuclear and personal care products industries.

Typical applications include:

Biomedical research, paper testing labs, stability testing, industrial quality labs, product storage & conditioning, cyclic & psychometric testing, entomological research, archival storage facilities, environmental studies, tissue culturing

Planned Maintenance for Scientific Refrigeration Equipment

In addition to our maintenance programs on Refrigeration and HVAC equipment, we also provide maintenance programs for Scientific Refrigeration equipment that follows the following standards.

Scientific Equipment Services


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