Crosstown Mechanical specializes in commercial refrigeration, HVAC and scientific refrigeration services. Our experienced teams are extensively trained in each area. 

Commercial Refrigeration Service

Our team of experienced commercial cooling professionals specialize in the repair and replacement of commercial refrigeration systems.  In addition, they can design spaces with refrigeration needs in mind to create efficient, user-friendly storage and production areas.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Our technicians repair and replace a wide variety of HVAC systems for any industry or business. We’ve worked with several companies to first design and then install a refrigeration and/or HVAC system that meets the unique needs of the business.  Our professional team is able to design, build and service all types of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, refrigeration, and humidification systems.

Scientific Refrigeration

We are Minnesota’s approved service partner for ultra-low freezers manufactured by Kendro, Harris, Sigma, Despatch and Thermo Fisher Scientific and more. We also service Nesslab Process Chillers for Hospitals and Clinics, Bio-Medical Companies, Laboratories, R&D Facilities and Blood Banks.

Please call us at 651-645-7020 or fill out our online form anytime to discuss your organization's HVAC and Refrigeration needs. We are happy to meet onsite so that we can see how your systems currently function and to help determine how to move forward.