Scientific Refrigeration

Scientific Refrigeration Minneapolis St.Paul

Crosstown Mechanical has worked with private, public, university, and agricultural researchers to design controlled environmental rooms to meet their unique needs. Because of our experience and expertise, Crosstown Mechanical is a respected supplier and installer of equipment to laboratories, R&D facilities and blood banks.

Ultra-Low Freezers & Chillers

We offer factory-authorized services on all major manufacturers of ultra-low freezers including Thermofisher, Revco, Forma, So-Low, Harris and others.  We also service all brands of lab chillers and cryostats. We offer NIST-certified calibrations, temperature and humidity validations and temperature mapping. Our expert technicians have been trained extensively in the field of cascade and mechanical refrigeration, environmental temperature control, electricity and electronics.  They are fully licensed and have completed intensive training in these areas. In addition, they are universally certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This sets us apart from any other Scientific Instrument Service company.

Controlled Environmental Rooms

Our environmental rooms are used by customers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, paper & packaging, electronics, food products, nuclear and personal care products industries. Typical applications include:

  • Biomedical Research
  • Paper Testing Labs
  • Stability Testing
  • Industrial Quality Labs
  • Product Storage & Conditioning
  • Cyclic & Psychometric Testing
  • Entomological Research
  • Archival Storage Facilities
  • Environmental Studies
  • Tissue Culturing

Crosstown Mechanical has supplied and installed equipment for a number of lab facilities where consistent performance under the most demanding standards is paramount. And quality professionals turn to us for the strictest uniformity available.

Contact Crosstown Mechanical today at 651-645-7020 to discuss your requirements and specifications.  We specialize in Scientific Refrigeration as well as commercial HVAC so are a one-stop shop.

Planned Maintenance for Scientific Refrigeration Equipment

In addition to our maintenance programs on Refrigeration and HVAC equipment, we also provide maintenance programs for Scientific Refrigeration equipment that follows the following standards.


The term validation is often misused and misunderstood. Validations need to follow FDA & AABB standards. The definition of equipment validation is broken down into three sections:

  1. IQ – Installation Qualification. This is a very simple document that provides proof that the equipment was installed correctly and fully operational.
  2. OQ – Operational Qualification. This document provides proof that the equipment is performing correctly and performance meets the material requirements. A 24 hour temperature map of an empty chamber is part of this document.
  3. PQ – Product Qualification. This document provides proof that the equipment maintains the material within stated tolerance. A 24 hour temperature map of a loaded chamber is documented along with an open door study and power failure study.

We have performed validations for many QA/QC managers and are willing to provide any one of the above validation steps to assist in your validation as well.

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